Natural Flood Management

What with the flooding we experienced last year and the threat of climate change, flooding has never been so high on the agenda in the Waveney Catchment. So the question is, What is Natural Flood Management?

Quite simply. Natural Flood Management (NFM) is using natural solutions to slow, capture, re-direct or store flood waters at times of high rainfall. This can prevent so much water from quickly flowing off the land and to the main river where it can cause flooding to homes and businesses. NFM measures can include tree or hedge planting, installing ‘leaky’ dams made from natural timber to hold back water, digging small pools or ponds to capture and store flood water and allowing the river to flow onto the grassed floodplains where there is no risk to people or farmland. Healthy soils that allow the water to infiltrate are also really important.

The great thing about NFM is that it is also really good for creating new habitats and storing carbon.

The River Waveney Trust are working in partnership with Groundwork to deliver an event on NFM in winter 2021, kindly funded by Durrants Estate Agents (date TBC) and are also delighted to have been awarded funding from a National Lottery climate change fund - Together For Our Planet. This funding means we can create some fantastic showcase NFM measures and use them to show others in the catchment.

A flood plain in the Waveney Valley naturally holding flood water
A flood plain in the Waveney Valley naturally holding flood water
Leaky dam and pool to hold back water and catch sediment higher up in the catchment 
Lovely wet woodland in the Waveney Valley holding flood waters