Riparian Tree Planting

We are pleased to see a widespread and growing interest in tree planting being used as a major tool for landscape-scale nature recovery and mitigating the effects of climate change.

To help us deliver on this goal, we are always seeking sites for tree planting along the banks of the River Waveney and its tributaries. Where appropriate and with landowners’ approval, riparian tree planting will help to improve habitat quality by:

  • Providing shade to help control excessive growth of aquatic plants e.g. reeds
  • Keeping the river cool during our warm summers and reducing the risk of fish kills
  • Stabilising the riverbanks and reducing erosion
  • Intercepting and reducing runoff of sediment and nutrients to the river, thereby improving water quality.

If you own or manage land along the river, and are interested in tree planting, then please contact our River Restoration Officer, Ange Lamb or on 07734 708395