River Waveney Study Centre


Following the loss of the River Waveney Study Centre at Earsham the search was on for a new base for admin and educational purposes. Somewhere to engage with our younger members through the Halcyon group is important so a permanent base was needed, preferably by the River Waveney, and with access for the public. The Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum (NASAM) provided the answer to this. They offered space on their site for a portakabin, which could be used for storage and office space. Not only is the site next to the river, but has the added advantage of being a well established site with a canteen and toilet facilities. We sincerely thank the trustees of the Museum for their co-operation.

The search was then on to find a suitable portakabin and to raise the money to purchase this. An Auction of Promises was held at The Swan Hotel in Harleston on 26th May 2017 and thanks to the generosity of local people and businesses over £2,000 was raised.

The new ‘office’ was duly delivered to the site and over the next few weeks a qualified volunteer from the Aviation Museum connected the electricity supply to the cabin. Equipment and furniture, temporarily stored in garages, sheds, homes and the Scole office was then moved in and we now have a functional office and educational base for The River Waveney Trust.

The cabin is divided into two sections, with a central corridor. One room has been set up as an office with shop area and the other as a meeting room and storage for educational equipment.