Shotford Bridge

Shotford Bridge


A beautiful sight between the modern bridge and the riffles created by the foundations of the old Shotford Bridge.

The area is maintained by Harleston group, and wild flowers like Marsh Marrigolds planted on the water edges. Tree stumps have been provided for folk to sit and watch the scene. Often the kingfishers fly past. Recently the group have not only held the nettles at bay but closed the access to the remnants of the old road to limit the dropping of litter.

The two staithes, the stile and the steps on both sides have been repaired. Bins have been provided on both the Norfolk and Suffolk sides of the river. Members empty the bins and collect litter from the surrounding area to preserve this old beauty spot.

The plant growth in the river itself is being watched carefully as it is a priority to maintain the flow and passageway along the river.


Shotford Bridge


New volunteers are always very welcome.


Doug Stockdale